Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Alive

It's been over a month since I last posted anything. Time just slips by, you know? Here's the quick updates:

1) Turned down by the police. Doesn't surprise me, even though I made the first cut. I didn't make the second cut, however, so I'm back to trying to get BLET and the general job search.

2) Comics have been slowly becoming decent it seems.

-The Flash hasn't been nearly as entertaining as I had hoped, and as much as I'm not real fond of Acuna's art he should at least be allowed to finish his story arch. Maybe deadlines were rushed or something, but I don't like style jumps that drastic. Nice jab at Batman.

-Countdown has been pretty crappy since it began, but I honestly feel like the stakes are actually appearing and's only taken maybe 6 monthes? It's not poorly written, but it hasn't read like it is important. I also don't really care about the characters as much as I felt like the characters in 52 (and I didn't really know the characters in either story very well, so that's not the issue).

-Teen Titans feels like it is just treading on old stories now. And, like with Countdown, I'm sure something important is happeneing, but I don't feel like it is. Maybe the art is too light for the story it's trying to tell or something. It just doesn't have a kick.

- Action's recent Bizarro trilogy has been probably one of the best stories I've read in the DCU in a long time, except for maybe the Sinestro Corps arch in Green Lantern.

- Sinestro Corps has been absolutely solid and the first thing I grab out of my comics to purchase. It has been awesome since it began, until the recent Corps issue. Jumping around with the artists having different styles is a bad idea - and the plot didn't advance much at all. it felt like a classic 'we need to tie all the strings together, and this book isn't as important so we'll use it' script. When the Corps issues are collected together it will probably work if they are seperating the titles for the TPBs, but whatever.

- Conan still is a core title for me and it is absolutely amazing. Best hard fantasy title on the market.

- IDW still is pretty solid with their Transformer title, but I just with they didn't feel the need to mark their books a dollar higher than standard price. Nicer cover, sure, but there's no justification.

3) On my writing front I've slowly grinded back into writing, but due to sheer lack of time I haven't been able to make any real progress on any book. Maybe once some things work out I can give a better update solely on that topic...

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