Friday, April 13, 2007

Simone on Birds of Prey, a conspiracy?

I think so many people are going to post about the obvious, I'll think I'll go a little conspiracy theory-ish.

Gail Simone was announced as the ongoing writer for Wonder Woman today.
She takes over on issue #13.
Today is Friday the 13th, of April.
April is the fourth month of the year.
There will be four writers on the WW relaunch before Simone.
This is 2007.
Two issues before Simone will be part of Amazons Attack.
The seventh issue of WW came out this week.

Sometimes suffering from apophenia is fun!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

I think I'll post again

I have two things to say that bear mentioning, in my opinion.

1) It would have been far more interesting for the "twice named daughter of Cain" to be Cassandra Cain. I liked Kate Kane well enough to think she didn't deserve that. Instead she deserved a little something called character development.

With all the insanity surrounding her debut as a character, DC really jumped off the bridge when it had the chance to bring a little more diversity to the crime fighting side of the batclan. It would have been hilarious/awesome to see Bruce's reaction to her.

To think it could be considered a trade off for Montoya becoming the Question. Sadly, all she ever amounted to in a weekly comic was a plot device.

A high heeled, red headed, lesbian plot device.
Good job, DC.

2) Gail Simone leaving Birds of Prey? To think the end of the world shall arrive so soon...

Seriously though, as much love as she seemed to have for the title and the characters she is allowed to play with and fans to torment playfully she must have been offered a huge title.

People have been suggesting and hoping she will shift over to Wonder Woman. Simone has in the past said that her dream job would be a Blackhawks title, but for her to drop Birds of Prey for that doesn't make sense. That's something to start off with as a miniseries to test the waters or as a little treat for genre fans - like the recent Sgt Rock mini. I don't think she would drop an ongoing for a mini.

I honestly hope she has been offered Wonder Woman. First, DC reps have often claimed they want the title to be seen as an equal to Batman and Superman - and hasn't. It has a terrible reputation due to its reboot, and its no lie how it has been handled. It needs the type of talent Simone can bring to have it become a serious contender as one of the leading DC properties.

Simone consistantly brought BoP from mediocrity, despite Benes' art, to become an absolutely solid title that didn't need constant Batman or Superman cameos to make it sell. She made it sell by quality, and that's what a comic like Wonder Woman needs. It needs quality writing, by a person who knows what a monthly deadline is.

What I don't understand is why she dropped Birds of Prey and not Gen13...

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