Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hopes for Cassandra Cain

Sadly, at the end of the most recent issue it looks like Batgirl is dead. Since Wargames, Spoiler seems to be her friendly neighborhood Grim Reaper, showing up to guide when she's near death. Spoiler carrying Cassandra, ever when it was really Shiva, is a very bad sign. However, it was really Shiva, leading the idea that Cassandra wasn't dead - she was mearly hallucinating thanks to blood loss. And, she has one issue left in her run.

My hopes are that she lives, and keeps her role to a degree. I doubt she will remain Batgirl until probably after 52 runs its course, the comic ends and so does her need to wear the suit. My guess is that her wound is in reality just as bad as it looks, and will be not unlike when Bane broke Batman's back.

It will take a while for her to recover, and until then she will have to live differently. After talking to Kalinara a bit on the topic, she had a few points that I liked that could fit into the saga of her recovery.

First of all she should finally learn how to read and write. I know she can't learn it the normal way thanks to how her brain is wired up, but now she she is out-of-action and thus has the extra time.

She can also spend this extra time developing relationships with normal people, as well as getting used to "normal" life. She has done this a little over time, but she can still work on these relationships. She's not normal, so the stories revolving around her coping and adjusting are interesting to me (I enjoy her figuring out words in her narrative, and observing normal people).

Anyway, this is just a best-case senario.

Not-so-good senario would be Cassandra Cain permanently falls out of the light to just appear as cameos in other titles. It looks like they are hinting that Barbara Gordon will get the use of her legs back, which may push her into returning to swinging around buildings in a black outfit...replacing the position of Batgirl (with a Batwoman, thanks Kal). I don't really want to see that happen, becuase I really like Barb in her role as Oracle.

Worst case is that we've lost yet another beloved character to the winds of change.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thoughts about Infinite Crisis

Since issue 4 came out, I'm starting to wonder about what the outcome will be. I know others have posted rumors and ideas, and I thought it was about time I did as well. Who knows, maybe I'll get a few things right and I can rub into the faces of those who get it wrong...

First of all, its pretty obvious that the universe will end up with a single, lonely, Earth. Frankly, its a bad idea to have multiple Earths outside of Elseworlds (which I really like the concept of). The two Earths will merge once again in the grand climax of issue 7, another obvious note.

I seriously doubt Superboy will return from the Speed Force, since, well, the Speed Force is now gone. I'm clueless as to how that happened, maybe it got indigestion after eating Superboy? Anyway, if the Speedforce is gone that means Superboy must be gone as well, at least until the Speed Force returns.

What I think will be the big twist at the end will Lois2 dying shortly after returning to Earth2 (issue 5 i predict) (kind of a seeing home and able to let go finally), and that Superman2 will become a bit wrathful afterwards (end of issue 5 i predict). Massive chaos and destruction, but he actually doesn't directly kill. Luthor2, however, will play the destruction out and kill off those he sees as not belonging, probably with his crazy tech stuff or something...

I'm betting that in issue 6, Superman2 will actually kill someone...wild guess would be Luthor2. This really messes Supe2 up, and begins to realize all the wrong he has done in trying to bring back Earth2. He then tries fix what he has done, and merges the two Earths back together. (issue 7)

I'm not exactly sure how that would happen, but I bet if SuperboyP could move and change so much, Superman2 could do it just as easily. (Still not sure how he moved the center of the universe, figured it was a something abstract...maybe he just moved half the universe a little more outward).

Anyway, I'm quite sure Lois2 will die next issue, there isn't much of a way to get around it - She's mortal with no powers, age will take its toll, and the relief of returning home should allow her to finally be at piece, thanks to her love doing everything he could and succeeding on her behalf (quite romantic, if you ignore the mass destruction and death).

I don't think we are nearly through the carnage, and I suspect a good number of people will not really survive being ripped from their place. Also, when the two Earths merge again, isn't that going to rewrite history once again? Nice excuse to fix things or change things, as DC sees fit.

I could talk a bit about the reulting OLY and 52 storylines, but personally I am not trying to predict anything at this moment, rumors or not. Yes, some of the issue previews give hints, and people half played detective to figure it out. I'm keeping an open mind, but there are a few rumors I tend to like. The main one was sparked by Diamondrock concerning Wonder Woman taking over for Batman as he retires (temporarily, I hope) to start up a family with Selina Kyle, if she stays sane thanks to Zatanna.

Actually, I'm thinking that Bruce Wayne may have a big part in helping keep Selina a good girl. They have had a thing going off and on for so long, and seem to trust each other enough for something like that to work. There isn't much question that they'll get together, becuase it had already happened (on an alternate Earth).

Anyway, that's just my thoughts...as limited as they are, hopefully something's right.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekly Comic Review: DC edition

Yesterday seemed to...vanish...and so here I am talking and commenting a day later than I planned.

I'll get the big ones out of the way first...

Infinite Crisis #4
Howleeeee Crap. Way to much happening to even beging to summerize it, so I'll only touch on a few points. I like that the Specter got "reassined" to the gunned down cop from Gotham Central, it's fitting and will hopefully lead into a very nice revenge arch.

The massive pile-on with Superboy Prime was a blast to see, and I loved how childish he was - again, the way it came off was very fitting. I'm a fan of watching characters fall from grace, so to say, so seeing him destroy what he stood for really appealed to me. It was also a nice was to get rid of a lot of little used characters. The bit with Sandy and Terra was a nice touch, though something like what they did should have been a few more panels. Still, the bits with all the Flashes going full speed was a more important (and more awe-inspiring, I'll admit). I doubt Superboy is gone for good, but wow was that an impressive exit

The splitting of the Earths was handled well. I liked the way they used the blue outline as the timeline split between the two Earths. The split also gave a good wrap to the issue, and gives me an idea on how this major arch will progress...

Green Lantern #7
I don't think this is One Year Later, but I may be wrong - the story really picked up like that though. I felt like I jumped into the middle of a story arch, but I have read previous issues of this run. I have read where the background of the story occurs, partly, so I had an idea of what was happening. Average read, and I like the twist at the end, which will be interesting how Lantern and Arrow recover for the next issue.

Birds of Prey #90
All I can really say about this issue is that it was "cute" - which can be good or bad, depending. I usually use the word cute is a bad descriptive, becuase...well...I'm a guy...I have to have some stereotypes apply to me. In this issue's case, it's used in a good way. Being more a fan of Batman, I was a little ticked off at Oracle standing up to him, even if she was right. I would have been just as happy with the outcome if Oracle would have simply provided a random, yet rational, excuse to send Batman back on his way - it's not like Batman has lied to his sidekicks to distract them when he knew what was really happening and in control...

Despite that, watching Deathstroke get a temporary defeat/victory was fun. Also, Batman getting humbled by Huntress's undercover work was just as fun. The sneak kiss on Batman was also a little cheezy, but the comments afterwards were priceless.

Gotham Knights #73
Not a whole lot happened in this issue, in fact Joker and Hush didn't even come in contact with each other. However, I really enjoyed the Joker explaining what he had been up to. Usually when the Joker is involved, the story is a fun ride, and this issue is no different. I'm curious if the Penguin will get word of what the Joker's been up to, and how he'll react - or, that may be all part of the joke knowing Joker. I love his chaos theory.

Nightwing #116
Jeez, the world is just falling apart for Dick. Excellent tie-in with Infinite Crisis #4. Like Gotham Knights, not a whole lot seemed to happen. It was generally Nightwing working his way through the aftermath of his city, surveying the destruction, and doing what little he can in the face of such odds - it really speaks for his character.

All-Star Superman #2
There is almost nothing I can say in the negative about this title so far, except that each issue is too freaking short. If only All-Star Batman & Robin had someone other than Frank Miller writing it. I'm really liking this title. I also liked the giant Joker penny, mirroring the giant penny Batman has down in the Batcave (though I don't remember seeing it recently, maybe it's the same coin?).

That's it for what I've read that's come out this week. I have Batgirl #73, but haven't read it yet on account that I have a lot of stuff going on. I'll get around to it this weekend, as well as posting on other things.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Comic Batch, part 1: Not-DC

Well, my comic haul today was larger than normal and hit me in my pocket a bit harder than usual. On the plus side, good stuff came out for the most part. Problem is that I'm a bit of a slow reader since I like looking at the art and analyzing it (can't help it, I'm an artist afterall). Instead of talking about everything after I finished reading, I thought I'd comment a little on the few things I've read. I'll start out with the titles I get outside the DC lineup.

Transformers: Infiltration #1 (IDW)
From the setup in #0 I was looking forward to this series as a potentially excellent story. Past series in the Transformers line have always been about the robots, with a few humans tossed in for the ride. The premise they have set up focuses more on the human element, which I'm willing to accept as something unique to the comic storyline.

The catch is, a human story in the Transformers universe is a tough act to perform, and will rely heavily on good writing. A heavier use of angles in the art to help portray scale will help, but the writing would be far more important. Issue 1 of this series, writing wise, is bland at best. The art is fairly good over all, not nearly as good as the Dreamwave run, but that is a hard act to follow.

I really want to like this comic, but so far it is pretty average. I like the limited cast, and predict it will help make the introduction of other important characters have that much more of an impact. Probably what bothers me the most about this series is that, through the writing it sets up that stuff has happened before, but the story begins as something entirely new. As an "old school" fan of the Transformers franchise I know the premise, I know the history, and I know the characters - and this is set up like a brand new franchise for those who have never encountered these robots in disguise before.

I just hope they limit the number of variant covers as the titles progresses, becuase four covers for the standard run with (I think) three incintives is a bit too many. Still, out of curiosity I'm on for the ride for this series, so here's hoping they pull something good off for all the hype they've built up.

Conan #24 (Darkhorse)
This will probably be the most controversial issue in a while for this series. The cover originally had a full nude woman on the front (which was "adjusted" for the "domestic" release, meaning they added a clothes). There was also a few panels of bare breasts. They were handled well (artistically speaking, in my opinion), so to all you feminists please don't fuss. I expect parent groups to cry foul, and the comic book defense league summoned on a few minor cases, however, thanks to the parents unaware that the comic isn't for kids (hence the occasional full disembowlment and decapitation scenes, aside from the whole "bloody" thing).

Story wise, it's a pretty standard story following the same thief-Conan arch from the last few story arches. Solid writing and art as much of what came before, though I've posted a while ago that this team (Busiek and Nord) won't be part of this title for much longer. This issue feels like filler, though it is a multi-issue story. This is how filler should be handled, since filler issues in Conan can be easily mistaken for real plot.

Comic shop didn't have the limited print nude cover, but they had a small order on the way. I put in my request for it, given that I have a thing for variant covers and that this comic is awesome.

Tomorrow I'll post my comments on the DC chunk of my gathering. I've read part of it so far, but it's just easier to lump publishers together. Downside, by the time I post about them, others would have already posted on them. Still, I have my own opinions, if anyone actually wanders through and reads them...stay tuned.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Mishaps and Motivation

Well, this week at work has been...interesting. Aside from a minor mishap earlier in the work in which I smashed my hand in a cable assembly, today held a majority of the craziness (minor, becuase it only bruised a little). I'd go into more detail about why it was crazy, but I really can't talk about the products we work on, especially on a public forum. Most at work chalked it up to it being Friday the 13th, which I laughed at a little. Nothing like a supposed outside force to place the blame on your own shortcomings, instead of taking responsibility. However, it wasn't out fault for the biggest incident, and for that I laugh maniaclly as all of my work this week was for naught.

Still going strong on World of Warcraft. Pushing hard for level 20, and as of tonight when I logged off I was only a little bit away from getting there. After that I "plan" to relax a bit and merge other things back into my off time from work.

Crazy thing is, a friend of mine is building a D&D campaign. I offered to play when he gets it ready, which will probably take up my weekends. More on that as it develops.

So the real question remains, when do I get to read my comics? Answer: Usual times. In fact WoW had messed me up for normally posting about this week's cashing in.

So, what was good?

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #199
I really liked how this story ended. I have to say, I was a little worried how it would end. At first I was planning for the story to just fizzle out when Batman stopped him. The way it ended, the way it unfolded, was pulled off in such a way I almost didn't want to read anything afterwards to keep from that feeling of satisfaction from getting spoiled.

That's all I had subscription wise, which surprised me.

I thought Green lantern was supposed to come out this week, but I saw it nowhere - guess it's off schedule a bit. I also picked up Batman: Detective 27, the new batman Elseworld book. I'll review it when I get around to reading it (hopefully this weekend, since I love Elseworld).

Infinite Crisis #4 comes out nextweek, and I'm excited...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

WoW and Supergirl

So I was talked back into playing World of Warcraft. I had quit for nearly a year, until I was drawn back. However, instead of playing a Gnomish Warlock this time around I'm playing a Nightelf Hunter. I traded quirky cute for physically cute (pale skin w/ pulled back hair ftw!) If I keep this up I swear WoW will suck my soul, if Kalinara hadn't called dibs already...

So anyway, in my downtime from WoW I've been catching up on back issues of comics. I've been impressed with Superman/Batman so I picked up the collected books of the past story archs, in the meantime while I wait for them to come in I found a few of the comics. Alas I am reading about Supergirl, and woe to me for I now know why the masses despise her.

I admit I was really into the crash landing and her escape/running wild in the city. I thought they did that part really well. After that point I read like I was watching a trainwreck - I couldn't stop reading as much as I didn't enjoy parts.

Ok, so she is just like Superman, but a girl. I can handle that. Culture shock, sure I've had it so she can as well. She just talks, a lot. Superman also is acting wacked out, being superprotective. Hah! I made a pun! However, I digress.

What really annoyed me was how everyone on Paradise Island wore as tight fitting clothes as possible made of spandex, or short skirts, or extreme midriff tops. I know Kalinara and others have talked about this before, and I added my part (but very randomly). What really screwed with my head was that I noticed far more butt-shots, or rather the panel camera designed to maximize the number of possible glimpses. Since Paradise Island is where the Amazons live, the comic felt watching an ad for DoA: Beach Volleyball.

I thought it was too much of a distraction, and between that and the arguing between Diana, Supes, and Kara I honestly don't remember much from the issue other than a bunch of Doomsday animates porting in and getting blown away. That was cool, Paradise Island was not. In fact, I think I remember seeing more half-exposed rears in this issue than the issues of Wonder Woman I've read. I haven't read many issues, mind you, but they seemed to be more creative in hiding various areas of the body.

Well, that's my rant for the day, to make up for lost time thanks to MMORPGing

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finished Artwork

I finished the work that I previously mentioned having inspiration of. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, and most people I've previewed it to have seemed to like it as well. You can see it here as a link to my image gallery. Feel free to comment on it, though a heads up that you may have to register to comment. Enjoy ^^

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Day of Vengence Special

Nice that it was bit longer than standard lengths, becuase the events brought up couldn't have been fit into a normal size - and also nice they didnt stretch it over another 4-6 part series. Out of all the lead ups to Infinite Crisis, Day of Vengence has been my favorite. I really like the character chemestry, and a detective chimp is classic.

I was curious as to how they were going to pull off the seven sins arch. When I heard there was going to be a shadowpact comic leading from this special I had thought that it would be the first major arch of the comic series. I have to admit, not giving the sins a physical body was a good move. That leads me to one of the reasons I love this aspect of the DCU.

Not only do the characters have really good chemestry, but the situations they get stuck in really fit their personalities. The various sins they went up against to capture were perfect.

On side notes, i love the explination of how Blue Devil got his trident back. I also felt that the defeat of Specter was a bit contrived, but given how they were built up that's probably the only way it could work. There were also a lot of good developments, but I won't spoil them all.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Batman & The Monster Men #3 and Detective Comics #815

Here I am posting a day after comics arrived in my hands. Yeah, I put off typing about the comics so I could type about a movie with horrible acting and giant robot battles, but it was a good cause.

Batman & The Monster Men #3
Either this series has increadible writing and pacing, or it's short a handful of pages compared to normal lengths for comics. This series is really taking me for a ride. I love the duality of the narritive (well, technically three narritives, only two are really plot centered - for now). It's a shame this is only a six issue mini, but I suppose it may have been too stretched out.

Finally the plot runs to a point where a showdown must occur. I predict that #4 will be Batman battling the monstrous men, #5 will be Batman fighting Sanjay, and #6 will be Batman fighting Hugo Strange. It's easy to predict, but the real gem will be how it will be written and pulled out. Can't wait for the next few.

Detective Comics #815
Holy crap. Writers should know better than to do that to Alfred. He should be totally off limits to severe injury, becuase he's one of the few characters able to keep Bruce level-headed....usually. Though I'm not keen on that event, I can say it was handled fairly well and that I am glad Zsasz was thwarted for once.

Speaking of Zsasz - I like him for his sheer drive as a villain, however, I feel like he just wasn't fully in character. He was basically just a plot devide to drive Bruce into acting like a hero in front of the public, and to freak out the readers when Infinite Crisis is throwing the lives of favorite characters in jepordy. He wasn't nearly as "colourful" in his random selection, and it seemed a little out of character for him to just casually infiltrate the charity event to stab Alfred. I did really like how haphazardly his escape was, and how Bruce taunted him for the showdown.

Also, wouldn'd Akins notice that Bruce casts the same shadow at Batman in his office? Just a thought...

That's it for tonight and comics, after tonight's block of SciFi goodness I'll write up my thoughts on those. Day of Vengence Special after that as well as whatever else pops into my head.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Greatest B Movie, Ever.

Robot Jox

So here's the short version of how I got this movie. I went out to Media Play to look for nice deals, well, relatively nice. If you didn't know, Media Play is going out of business (I don't know how widely they are spread in the US) and everything is discounted. Funny thing, is that since Media Play marked up their prices the discounts put their stuff back in range with Best Buy, basically. I had hoped to find a copy of Star Trek III, since it's the only Star Trek movie I'm missing. No luck finding it, but they had about 14 copies of Robot Jox sitting all together in its own section of DVDs. I remember the movie from when I was a kid, and remembered it being good, but not what it was about. Being very curious I picked it up for the price of a Walmart bargin bin pull.

So what's the movie like? The plot is very basic, two Robot Jox (pilots) have it out for each other, and they do stuff to make each other fight each other. Also, the acting is very stiff and stereotypical. The 'bad guys' are basically Cold War Russians, though their accent switches from Russian to Western European. Oh yeah, and luckily both the good guys and bad guys hang out in the same bar, even though they fight for the world.

There are basically three characters you need to keep up with, and yes these are their real names. Achilles, the nearly monotone hero of the movie. Alexander, the villainous Dracula-inspired communist who likes breaking the rules. Athena, the tomboyish girl who falls in love with the hero and battles to bad guy to save the hero, and gets herself nearly killed to provide motive for the hero when he finally battles the bad guy. Finally there are two other not-so-important characters, the flamboyantly Texan hero of the past (named Tex Conway) and the stereotypical intelligent Japanese scientist that develops the super secret weapons (whose name I cannot remember).

Like I said, the acting is stiff and mostly pointless filler. You don't feel for any of the characters, and they provide nothing for the movie. You should also know that the dialogue is cheesy, and usually over compensated by extreme facial expressions (especially by Athena). I should note that Athena could be considered cute in some ways, except for her horrible hair. I'm usually not that picky about hair, but this is a bad mess of a swept back mullet pulled into a rat-tail twist. I can't find an image, but take my word on it.

Ok, so two of the three main areas of a good movie are a bust, how is the third one - special effects? Surprisingly good, more so if you are a fan of mecha (Battletech, Transformers, Gundam, even ED-209 and Lego fans will more than likely love this film). Obviously you can tell some scenes are overlayered and greenscreened, but the effects are still handled well.

Here's the tally of what you'll get:
-Hero is his with a sedative and fights the female pilot, they tear up the room, and the hero wrestles the girl onto his bed and tries to kiss her (which she bites him and kicks him in the groin, allowing her to leave)
-Laserbeams, missiles, pneumatic punching, rocket-punches, spiked mace, and jetpacks
-Different mech designs (Biped and Quad, short and tall)
-Extreme espionage action
-Pro-steroid storyline
-Multiple battles in different environments (well, three battles in two different areas)
-Classic opening narrative After World War III, war was outlawed...

Ok, that doesn't make you want to see the movie, here are bonus points!

-The hero attempts to save the crowd at one battle, but ends up having his mech fall on the crowd, killing hundreds instead of a handful that would have been killed otherwise - causing the match to become a draw!
-Final battle goes from land into space, and back to earth - ending with a sticks and stones as the pilots face themselves one-on-one death match style, with fire!
-There is no sound in space!
-Achilles's mech gets damaged in the ankle!
-Mech transformers from mech to airplane, and from mech to tank-mech-thing that drives around like he's sitting!
-Surprise twist ending!

Now here are the really absurdist that need mentioning, and may push some of you to seek the movie out...

-Chainsaw from the groin area as a phalic weapon, attacking the cockpit of the other mech!
-Bare butt shots of both Achilles and Athena, so both camps of fans will be pleased!

That's all I've got, go rent it. It really is an increadible movie if you can get past the acting. In fact, you should go out and get it, and if worse comes to worst just fast forward to the battles. This is the closest you're going to get to an American mecha film, aside from the sequel Robot Wars.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost topics

Well, Lost has been postponed for some football match. I'm not too happy about that, becuase I had hoped to respond about the episode afterwards. Instead I'll talk about comics.

Comic delivery was postponed again this week until tomorrow, which is also a factor in my unhappy mood - that and a loss of sleep (not a very interesting topic, so I won't talk about it unless someone pressures it). Instead I picked up a number of back issues from last week and the week before. I'm actually starting to spread my tendriles out to pick up other titles (aside from the core Batman titles). First it started with Green Lantern, thanks to Kalinara, and now I'm bleeding into Wonder Woman and Catwoman while picking up odd issues of Robin and Superman.

Overall I have been happy with what I've picked up and read. I'm sort of jumping on the bandwagon as Wonder Woman heads to a conclusion (was able to get 223 and 224). I'm curious about what will happen, and I enjoy the extra background into what is going on in Infinite Crisis.

Robin 145 was a fun read, especially with the many small time villains getting in each others' way. best quote: "Behold, I am the wicker man!" - "Behold, I have a woking lighter!" - "I surrender."

Picked up Catwoman 49 and 50 as well. 49 was the end of a multiparter, so I was a little lost as to motives, but otherwise it wasn't half bad. 50 was, to say the least, a little disturbing. I have to admit I really don't want Selina to become chaotic enough to go back to her old self, or become as psychotic as Bruce is right now. I know Zatanna meant well, and is trying to make amends with her mistakes, but she should really just stop before she unravels other things. I did like an actual explination as to why Selina became a 'good guy' - but I would have liked it more if she was able to turn herself around under her own willpower (gives her more credit, and a stronger character).

Tomorrow should be a more interesting day, since I will actually get to read 'new' comics...

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thoughts on Gotham Central, Vol. 1

For a while I've seen the trade paperback collections of this series sitting on shelves, and for the most part ignored them. I don't know why becuase I'm usually all over anything Batman related, but maybe that was it - the point of the story isn't about Batman, in fact it seems to try to prevent using Batman from doing what he does best. I know that now that I spent a little left over Christmas money to pick up the first volume.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with the book. The writing was pretty solid for the most part, and filler dialogue didn't take away from the overall story. I really enjoyed the run-ins with Freeze and Firebug, and the treatment they got with the very mortal officers. The few appearences of Batman also were handled well, giving a real imposing pressence. He was treated very much like a wraith that could be summoned to do some dead beyond the abilities of man, and I loved it.

There were a number of characters, which I have to admit came a little difficult to keep up with. The only name I was familiar with was Montoya, and I realize most of the characters were created for this series to fill out the police force to provide a dynamic cast. It was difficult to keep up with the characters visually due to the art style.

The way the pages were inked prevented much detail from appearing, and thus prevented easy identification of characters. I'll give the series points right now for constant style that ties the story visually, but I'm just not fond of this style. I like detail and percision - characters that appear visually different to a point where you know who you're looking at when they appear in a panel. That doesn't mean the lines need to be clean and crisp, just not blocky. The coloring was also mostly bland, maintaining similar shades for much of the book. I barely recognized Montoya for the little she was in the story, though Batman was easy to identify becuase, well, he's Batman (a large black flowy shape with a chin and eyes).

The last few pages where the overall case that bound the volume together was solved and the resolution were a good ending, and I felt satisfied with it. In fact, I would almost call the last few panels a 'happy' ending. Given that this is Gotham City, that's saying something special.

I'll probably pick up volume two, becuase like I said it was fairly original and written well. Hopefully as the characters are used more they will grow personality (more-so than in this volume). I also hope that character designs are developed more so you can follow who's doing what, aside from calling the characters out by name.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Bit of Inspiration

I don't work in photoshop as much as I used to, for various reasons. One of those is that I actually don't have that much inspiration as I used to (well, since graduation at least). I do sketch and mess around occasionally, but nothing major.

Anyway, today I had a spark of inspiration and am currently working on a larger scale work of art. I have no idea how long it will take, but for now I'm happy with how it is coming out. I'll probably link to the image on my site here, but in the meantime if anyone wanders across this site you can click the button on the side for older works in my gallery.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two new links on the sidebar

Added Josh's site to the side last night, who is a friend from college. Among other things on his weblog he and others that post on the site link to random things for entertainment. Also, after checking traffic on my site I noticed I had repeated traffic from Ragnell's site, which is more comics centered. Normally I would spend the extra time to link to them in this post, but they are over there on the left already...

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New Years, Circle of Fire, and more

Well, it is now 2006 and we still have no flying cars on the market. In fact, little has really changed in the last few years visibly, except everyone has an ipod now. I may sound a little pessimistic, but who really believes that the world will make a massive revolution in culture over the course of 24 hours - unless a UFO crashed into London (or Tokyo)?

Finished reading Circle of Fire, provided by Kalinara of course. I'm starting to think she has a mission to make me like Rayner, and I think it's working. The whole plot comes off as totally contrived, and was a little hard for me to stick with it till the end. I have to admit I skimmed some of the filler atories in the middle, mainly dealing with the kids and the Atom. I just didn't find them as interesting as the other contrived lanterns.

Rayner is a little more scary in my book considering the events in the arch, but I still like him. I could say he's my favorite of the lanterns, but then again almost all of the Green Lantern stories I've read has had him as a main character (or at least a major part of the story).

Other little notes to mention:
-House is starting on USA on the 6th (fri) at 11:00 est, also new episodes of Monk begin the 13th (I like Monk, but rarely get to watch it, and I usually catch new epiosdes of House on Fox on Tuesdays, USA is just picking it up)
-New episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate SG-1 begin airing Jan 6th finally.
-Lost will hopefully start back up with new episodes soon, since the reruns have nearly caught up finally.

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