Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Novel Ambition

Dear world,

I win at hand cramps and frustration, for I have passed my test of dedication and obsession. My victory was handed to be upon a digital plater of pixels stating that I have won NaNoWriMo for 2006.

It was bittersweet, however, as I was personally racing Ragnell, DiamondRock, and Kalinara. So much for that, but at least I can rub it in with Kalinara ^_^
No hard feelings, because the real challenge was against myself.

I have proved once again, I can wins bets against myself. My reward? Reading a month's worth of comics and watching television tonight...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Felt like bringing this up....

Ok, two things are worth noting as I just came across them looking for the *all new* release date for All Star Batman #5 (Jan 31st)

First of all, Sun Girl is trying to copy Power Girl I think, chest-hole wise. Power Girl makes it work, Sun Girl does not. I guess the artist doesn't quite understand anatomy very well. Parts of that hole extend well beyond what would be reasonable, I think.

Second, and DRock should take note of this little bit, that "Batgirl" isn't quite wearing Cassandra's suit. Sure, the face is ripped off like at the end of her comic run. Check out the rest of it. Did she steal Robin's cape? Is it really Cassandra? Who knows what they are thinking over there at DC central, but I wish they'd listen to all the fans out there yelling for DC to bring back Cassandra as we know she is supposed to be. I mean, there has to be more than just DRock and I....

edit: Anyone else notice that Altar Boy's costume looks like an evil grinning face?

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Monday, November 06, 2006

On being Novel....

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, seems my goals for this novel writing thing are realistic - at least for now. I'm averaging 500 words an hour, which is far more than I would have thought I could do. I can definately do this.

I'm using comics as a reward for meeting goals, at least for today. I also get to watch Lost. Tomorrow is payday, and Friday is Dr Who/Battlestar. Saturday is Gaming day.....and so far. This weekend is going to be packed though, so I don't know if I can stay on track goal wise. I've proved today it is possible, though.

I'm in a good mood, finally....

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