Saturday, June 30, 2007

Been thinking about Unbreakable...

So I just finished watching Unbreakable a short while ago. Been a long time since I saw it all the way through, and I still enjoy it. It feels a little long now, but I blame knowing all the twists.

I was thinking...out of all the movies M. Night has made this one deserved more treatment than the others. He really touched on something that has a lot of elements that could be tapped into for a solid series.

I remember reading a long time ago when this movie was going into production and stuff that they were planning on making this a trilogy. It was also right as things were building in hollywood where trilogies were 'in,' so I don't know how likeable the idea would have been to the public.

After watching the movie again, I was thinking about where the series could have gone.

Unbreakable is of course the origin story. Not just the origin of Sentryman or whatever you want to call Bruce Willis' character, but also the origin of his first (and most important) villain.

The second movie, if it were to follow traditional trilogy style, would have had to be about the fall of Sentryman. He would encounter some obstacle he didn't know how to face, even after building his courage as a hero.

I think it's pretty obvious from the first movie and stereotypes the movie plays with that the hero did not grow up reading comics. He has no understanding of comic myth and types, so he would have to have a point of reference to help him undertsand what is going on about him. He would have to keep in contact with Mr. Glass.

Their relationship is not very good after the grand reveal at the end of the movie, which would cause a lot of good tension, and it would be some of the more memorable moments as Willis would make his way to visit him in the insane asylum. I get visions of Batman going to visit Hannibal Lector.

Being about the fall of the hero, there would have to be something in the way to defeat the hero. Batman had Bane, Superman had Doomsday, ect. Since the movie is about real life, and how a hero might be in real life I can only suggest one thing - he is caught and charged as a criminal himself. His face would be everywhere in the media. People would take stands against him for his reckless and unlawful behavior, and others will rise up to defend him for being the hero he was. His wife would find out, their relationship would reach the breaking point, and their son would suffer from their breakage and being singled out in school for who his father is.

In the end he would have to face the end of his career as a hero, in one form or another - the classic comic book 'death' scene. Not literal death, but the metaphorical death.

This of course leads into the Third movie, in which Willis would face different paths he could choose. Ultimately, he would choose to return as a hero. He couldn't return to being the hero he was as it was a secret identity issue, but he could take on the mantle of a hero in some other form. He has his "powers" still, but he would have to win the public trust - this is the path to glory. His rise in fame, and redemption of any percieved injustice he may have produced.

I'm honestly not real sure how the 3rd film would play out, or at least how I would think it could play out. The trilogy never went into planning as far as I know, and I do not think they ever will be made. Still, I am glad M. Night was able to make Unbreakable - it's one of my favorite comic book related movies.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Officially boycotting 'Transformers' in theatres

Final stray was pulled to cause me to 100% boycott the upcoming movie.

"It's 'Transformers' -- you can't take it too seriously,"
--Director Michael Bay

Thanks for deciding not to take the franchise seriously, and my interest in seeing what would have been this fanboy's 20 year old dream...

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Do you know what is awesome?

This is awesome.
click for Choral Lordi

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

HeroesCon 2007, summery of sorts

Well, I was really fatigued after the con - imagine that. Anyway, I'll post the highlights.

During the DC Nation panel I asked if there was a point to Amazons Attack. I asked bluntly, for two reasons. First of all I couldn't think of a better way to ask, and nerves were a little fuzzy from actually being called on. Second, I thought Didio could dig into the question with his usual snarky replies. It worked, and he continued to point in my direction when talking about possible upcoming titles and explaining how they will be good to read. I wasn't frustrated/angry about being the butt of his banter - I was laughing and smiles the whole time.

Afterwards I came up and explained my take on it, and he acknowledged that the delays with Wonder Woman messed the timing up, and it didn't have nearly the impact it should have had with other big events going on. I then asked if there was a point to the series, asking if there was a worthwhile reward at the end. He said yes, and mentioned a bit about Wonder Girl, but that fits in with what we all now know about the new miniseries with her. I then went fanboy on him and got my photo with him, just like last year.

The next day at the Countdown and Beyond panel I waited till the lightning round Didio does - quick questions and answers near the end of the panel for those who have yet to attend something he hosts. I asked another sharp question - "Where's Azrael?" Didio paused a moment as voices rose up from the crowd and then responded with "He's Dead! He's the one hero who stays dead!" It was another fun moment I thought.

On the final day I had my photo taken with Rosario Dawson, and I can honestly say she is a truely lovely person. I could have been starstruck by her, but she also felt genuinely enthusiastic about being there and among the comic crowd. She was digging into an Unmasked Joker figure while I was chatting with her briefly with my quarter-minute of fame.

I also arrived with 400 NCGA fliers, and all but maybe 30 vanished by the end of the convention. Here's hoping quite a few emails are sent to the guy on the flier...

If anyone has questions about the con, ask me in the comments section - You'll help jog my memory and I can answer them to the best I'm able...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Heroes Con 2007

This weekend I'll be at Heores Con down in Charlotte, NC!

Afterwards I'll post a write up summerizing the more interesting parts, or as the case may be, what I happen to remember over the weekend.

If anyone out there is going, and perchance wants to hunt me down, I can be found with the Klingons there, as well as wondering around the floor. Saturday I'll be wearing my grey NC Gamers Alliance shirt - it has dice on it and stuff. Good luck finding me...

Oh - and just so you know, don't do anything stupid - the Klingons like me better than you.


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Kalinara Interview/meme

1. If you could see/make one superhero settle briefly in your hometown who would it be?

Easy, and unexpected answer I think: RoboCop. I just want to see him partolling downtown and around the city limits. And of all the heroes I know, he's the most realistic and most reasuring to those that see him.

2. What comics figure would you least trust to take care of goldfish?

Aquaman, because he would talk to the fish. The fish would then see the world is much bigger, and thus grow to fit its new world. We'd have to call the JLA then, and Aquaman would be too busy to clean his mess up being king of the ocean. Batman would show up and punch the fish though, so I guess it isn't such a big problem. Still, it could all be avoided by keeping Aquaman away from goldfish.

3. Alfred or Jarvis?

Jarvis would be fun as a butler, but you'd never get your hat back from him. Alfred gives better advice anyway. Wait...the Mad Hatter is Jervis Tetch, right? Answer stays the same I guess - Alfred wins. He's immune to Batman's punches and kicks.

4. Robots or Aliens?

Klaatu barada nikto, baby.

5. If you could make one change to the bat titles, what would it be?

Make Paul Dini the sole writerof all Batman related titles, and make it impossible to become fatigued and impossible to rehash old stories as long as they unoriginal.

Thanks Kali!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Countdown issues

Is it just me, or does it feel like the writers of Countdown are not communicating with the other writing teams?

Personally, I find it annoying that the monitors are showing up everywhere with conflicting agendas. Maybe that's on purpose, but it isn't very smooth in any case. Nevermind the obviously inconsistancies with Black Adam.

Personally I would have taken him off the radar for several years, only to make a brief appearance during this new crisis - and then only after his upcoming miniseries. I mean, come on, I would have saved the return of his powerword to be the surprise twist ending of the mini. Here we are, spoiled as a silly plot device. I think it would have been better to bring out Eclipse, rather than have Mary joyride with Black Adam's lightning...

With 52 universes to watch over, the Monitors seem to be overly concerned with this earth. Why are they so worried about this Earth? Is Earth1 the hotspot for the multiverse's spring break and we need additional law enforcement or something?

Still, I can't be totally annoyed with DC over Countdown. I'm just annoyed that they seem to be in perpetual balance over what is good and bad. They let promising titles slide indo mediocrity, while the titles we like to laugh about actually gain promise - and the cycle repeats usually.

Justice League is actually decent now that it is crossing over with an already great title (Justice Society). 52 gave way to Countdown and lacks power, even with the awesome Dini driving it. Donner's Superman has practically vanished, while all-star batman is actually seen a new issue appear. Simone is moving from Birds of Prey to Wonder Woman, to bring that title out of a horrible slump - and hopefully BoP won't fall in quality...

At least I'm happy to say I'm through with Marvel. Only one thing could have tempted me back, but after hearing that DC maybe starting a norse comic I feel safe in saying Thor will not bring me back.

Norse Gods should not wear dinner plates as armor, nor should they be well groomed.

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