Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hulk 2 news and worry

I read a short while ago that Hulk 2 is progressing towards production, despite what everyone is warning. Apparently the villian this time will be Abomination. The article describes him as some kind of 900 pound spy that has the strngth to match up with Hulk. This is where I scratch my head in wonder.

The acticle also claims that the first movie lacked a primal element, which this movie will make up for. I read that as "first movie was boring, this one is going to be all action. Nonstop Abomination vs Hulk action!"

Personally, I don't want to see this sequel as it seems to be building up to. I was one of those few that saw Hulk in theatre and absolutely loved it. I even saw it in theatre multiple times.

Ok, so Hulk is a Marvel property and I've never read an issue - I'll admit that. Maybe I'm missing this primal element mentioned, and maybe that is what fans of Hulk were up in arms over with the first movie. I liked the bursts of action with a lot of story and character development. The action was intense, but it served a purpose. Mindless action is just that - mindless.

To me, I like the Hulk as a character due to the split nature of Banner and Hulk. It is the same reason I like Jekyll and Hyde, and the two stories I see as very much the same. Except, of course, that Hulk isn't a psychopathic incarnation of evil, instead he is being of pure emotion that is made into a villain out of misunderstanding.

My point is, I suppose, is that I fear Hulk 2 will lack the heart of the first and will cause the franchise to go the way of say, Batman when Schumacher took over.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not the End?

The American live action Sailor Moon movie turns out to be false, imagine that? However, the Shazam movie is still building steam, and recently a Starblazers movie has been anounced.

Also, it should be noted, that for some reason a 26 episode cg show based on K9 from Doctor Who is going into production (with Who vets behind it, so don't feel so worried).

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Monday, April 24, 2006

The End is Near

Here is a sign of the apocalypse if I have ever read one.

Good news is that Earth is more than likely still safe, since nearly nothing is credible...

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Friday, April 14, 2006

First Comic Experiences

I really liked the idea, and it made me start remembering my first comics.

When I was a kid, Nestle Quick had a mail in offer for the aniversary of Superman. You mailed in a bunch of UPC labels and they would send you a reprint of Action Comics #1 and the (then) brand new Superman #1. Now, you should know I didn't gather everything and do it on my own - I was too young to know how that stuff worked. I'm not really sure how they arrived, but I suspect I pressured my mother into getting it for me.

I remember leaving the Action Comics reprint alone for the most part, and I still think it is somewhere in my room stuck between two books. At least that is what I hope, but every time I have looked for it I haven't been able to find it.

Superman #1 on the other hand was read over and over. It is also the reason I remember these comics so vividly. You see, in the issue Metallo temporarily beats up Superman. As he stands on top of the rubble that covers Superman, there is a single panel of Metallo looking to the sky. His face is blacked out except for his eye, and you can see the "skin" hanging down from his profile. That image haunted me for many years, and was burned into my memory.

For a long time those are the only two comics I owned. Years later I actually spent my own money to buy Hunter/Prey #1 and #3. I didn't know a whole lot about the story, but once again what I read really freaked me out as a kid. This rock creature called Doomsday was killing people in very graphic ways and Superman looked like David Hasselhoff with long hair. I had no idea what was going on, but it was cool.

I didn't buy another comic for a long time, but in high school I became interested in Batman through the animated series. I then began to buy the graphic novel collections of Batman, and then began buying Batman comics - nothing continuous, just whatever looked cool. Now I subscribe to a number titles in the DCU, as well as a number of other titles.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Week's Pull #1 (starting a regular numbering)

Battle for Bludhaven #1
I have been sort of anticipating this title, due to curiosity as to the outcome of the city thanks to Chemo. After reading the first issue of the miniseries I was left scratching my head in confusion.

I was hoping for more aftermath with the Teen Titans with their attepts to save who they can, but they only appear in what is basically the prologue of the issue - jump forward a year. Turns out after a year of No Man's Land style isolation, Bludhaven has spawned a bunch of teams of Atomic-themed metahumans. There is a conspiracy that has appeared out of nowhere from what I've read. The Society is linked somehow, but as of right now I have no idea what is really going on.

Green Arrow #61
I'm really liking Oliver. Right now, I wish he would consider being President, but at the same time I admire him for knowing exactly why he's mayor and why he doesn't want to be the Pres. Everything is really building up very nicely and it really is a fun ride. Not much else to say, but it is one of the better OYL arches.

Superman #651
Things area still getting interesting with Luthor and others, and Clark is remaining Clark - for now. Still a strong story that is getting a little more complicated by the issue.

Nightwing #119
My brain hurt after finishing the issue. Several typos snagged my reading, bringing me out of the story - that's a bad thing. The story is fairly slow moving, making it a bit hard to finish the issue. Jason is interesting, it's just a shame that the title isn't following him wholely now.

Transformers: Infiltration #4
The story is really building up, and the ending was really nice and twisted. Pacing was really quick and verity is getting character development. On a side note, I can't help but wonder about Bumblebee since he chose a female holographic avatar. Also, Ratchet and Bumblebee's constant smiling gets really freaky after a while.

That's it for the majority this week.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random Comic Thought #1

Stealing the idea, changing the name, and claiming my originality. Behold: Progress!

I've been reading the first sets of issues of Spawn. So far for the most part I have really enjoyed the comic. I started reading the recent episodes, and found the original issues cheap - I picked them up and started reading.

So basically what happens is Spawn touches a lance used by an angelic hunter that flew off after failing her one-hit-kill on Spawn. Now, I can forgive the abrupt end of the first battle with an angel after building the angel up to this force that has never been defeated. What through me for a loop were the guest writers that chipped in afterwards for several issues.

For the most part, the stories were really good and fit well within the whole 'mythos' created at that point in the title. My problem was Frank Miller's issue. Don't get me wrong, previously he did Sin City style Spawn poster that I thought was really nice and fitting - however, his story was just....out of place.

Spawn fighting a Nerd street gang and Creep gang over his alley filled with homeless bums. Stereotypical nerds fighting generic street punks, both armed with high tech weapons and having cyborgs on their sides. Very typical Frank Miller 'holy crap, you know how cool this would be?' storytelling. There was even a cute-ish girl involved, killed early on setting off the whole gang war.

So, in the end I have to say I liked the idea behind the guest writing, but Frank Miller doesn't belong on Spawn. It is close to his type of work, but he should be kept away from solo writing on the title. I wouldn't mind his art style, since Spawn could go Noir quite nicely. Also, remember that this is issue 11 I'm talking about, and 153 came out last month...

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

comic run !

Note: I will be typing spoilers, so be warned!

Infinite Crisis #6
I'm still really enjoying Inifnite Crisis, but this issue seemed a little...I don't know...crushed together. A lot happened in this issue, so much that I think it could have been split into at least two issues and still flowed well. My problem is that the action wasn't nearly as intense as it should have been, considering the outcome. There are many different stories going on, each needs progression, and as this major event comes to a wrap sacrifices have to be made.

I suppose my biggest problem, was that Superboy's final fight didn't seem all that incredible. I know that Superboy Prime is now some nearly god-like corrupt hero. That battle should have been something absolutely breathtaking, and not the predictable blind-charge-into-tower thing. I would have thought he would have really become worked up after Wondergirl got smacked.

I guess Superboy in Infinite Crisis was supposed to be as shocking as Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In any case, it makes for a very nice dark shadow to hang over everyone. Also, Infinite Crisis #7 should prove to be one incredible finale leading into 52.

Teen Titans #34
This single issue has impressed me more than any other single issue starting out OYL, even more than Green Arrow. I absolutely loved the opening, becuase it felt ripped right out of Robocop, being one of my favorite movies of all time. The pacing was really well handled, and the prospects are really interesting.

Raven and Gar no more? That's all Gar's fault, and was bound to happen. Maybe Raven will finally become interesting (she deserves it, well, I want her to be likable personality-wise and not just a tool or shadow). Ravage now a 'hero' fighting the good fight? Not so sure how long that will last since she's a little....eager to fight, and kill. Still, I've liked her in the stories I've read (plus, I like the white hair).

Finally, Tim is....possibly crazier in some ways that Bruce. Not in the insane way, but freakishly scary. He's been busy alright, but it isn't just what he is trying to do that makes me curious - you have to wonder how he got the technology to attempt the cloning, becuase I'm pretty sure Bruce doesn't know a thing about what he's trying to do. And, as Kal pointed out to me, Bruce didn't try cloning Clark when he was killed...

JSA #84
Fairly average fair, still. The Gentleman Ghost could be an interesting character, but his origin is pretty bland. Something just doesn't feel right about this story, and I think it is the missing characters I briefly was introduced to (I started reading around the begining of Infinite Crisis).

Honestly, of all the OYL stories, this one is proving to be the weakest I've read. Right now, I'm blaming Gent Ghost. I care nothing for him as a solo villain.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Long time since I posted. I blame allergies and work. Work saps my energy through the day, so I feel lathargic in the evening. Allergies have really kicked in, so I don't feel at all well during the day.

So, here's a little bit of what I thought about the comics that came out, nothing fancy or anything this time, just a few comics and my thoughts. Hopefully now I can type freely without much worry about spoilers.

Blue Beetle #1
Now, so make a few things straight so what I say will makes a little sense contextually. I consider myself a gamer. I'm not hardcore, but I know people who are. I understand that they are making Jaime out to at least appear as a geek/gamer. I like that in theory, but reading the 'gamer talk' they toss around felt very forced to me. I knew what they were talking about, but the gamers I know don't quite talk the way they did.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the writing, or maybe I lump all gamers into one group. It's an easy sterotype to write with a little knowledge of the online world. The gamers I tend to associate with are mainly MMORPG and pen&paper junkies, not FPS like they refer to in the issue. Like I said, I'm glad they are trying to introduce a somewhat unique persona.

Guy was an easy way out for a hothead to have battle Jaime, but his reactions are leading into a bigger mystery. I also liked the creepy girl with no eyes, and hope she is developed into a very interesting and complex character.

Green Lantern #10
So, countries got together to ban cross-nation pursual of heros due to events in Infinite Crisis and 52? That really has my curiosity working over time at the possibilities, not unlike in part two of Batman: Year 100 where they reflect back to this age and call it simpler times.

What really has me excited can be summed up with "Sinestro Corps." Yellow rings given to those who can cause great fear. No doubt Parallax is envolved somehow (yellow battery?). The really interesting thing, is that the Green Lantern Corp look like the newbie green lanterns overcame their lack of ability to touch yellow. The physical ability to cause fear will add a whole new layer to the yellow problem, such as a sudden inability to touch yellow mid-combat. That should really scare the new recruits.

Also, I am really into the mystery they are spinning out in Green Lantern as well, with the dead Lanters of the past returning. And yes, it is also good to note that Hal is accepting and dealing with his past. Finally, for Kal, I'll say this: Highball.

Superman/Batman #24
What the heck is going on? It is both hilarious and confusing to me at the same time. Need more Batzarro, so shouldn't end like that! One issue left in this arch so I hope there is a revelation of Saw proportions in store.

In my opinion, the OYL stories are really shaping up to well spun out mysteries. Superman, Batman, and all the others are really getting into really well concieved mysteries in my opinion. I am really looking forward to next issues of each series.

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