Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Novel problem possibly fixed

I've had a serious case of writer's block where my novel(s) is(are) concerned. I had a strong run towards the end of last year, with the help of NaNoWriMo, but even though I had planned to finish the first novel as far as a rough draft is concerned I have not written a single bit on it. I've typed a few short bits, but nothing where it counts.

I have recently figured out what my novel is lacking, and because of this I think I may be able to return to writing soon - I hope.

I'm not going to really talk about it here...since it is character/plot related and I hope to be able to have most people read the book spoiler free. Also, paranoia where originality is concerned.

There is still hope for my series yet, I'm just glad I'm not under official deadline pressure.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something to note about the new Hulk movie

First of all, as many who know me would know, I loved the Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee. I have no clue how accurate it is to the comics, but I love the way the movie plays out the character drama.

As many people on the internet would know by now I'm sure, there is a new Hulk movie in the works with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. I fear for this movie, firstly, because the director is the same guy who directed The Transporter. I didn't particularly care for this movie, but it did have style. Before people get too hyped, however, know that he also directed Dead or Alive.

Behold, Dead or Alive:

Also: Poor Devon Aoki. She just can't seem to break out of being typecasted.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

About this statue thing...

WIth so much flak being shot around from so many sides on this MJ statue thing I feel like I should at least say something about my whole take. Everyone is doing it, so why not? I mean, there is something to this issue, otherwise I don't think the mass media would have even registered it.

First of all, Adam Hughes is not to blame. Marvel hired him to create the concept art the statue is based on, and he drew it. That isn't the issue. Hughes drew a decent pic, and how much of the controversy is that image causing? Hughes takes his liberties with anatomy, but at least his art shows he understands anatomy.

The sculpture holds most of the blame. Hughes made his image of MJ becuase he was paid to produce it, and then it was handed off to the sculpture to turn it into a 3d piece. They took liberties as they translated the work. Liberties that included a ripped seat in the jeans and the removal of MJ's gastro-intestinal tract.

Yes, the image is sexist and was made for male fans. How do I know this? I'm no expert, but I would think that in order to maintain balance in that type of pose she would have had to bend her knees ever so slightly. She isn't, and therefore presenting herself to the curious fan that figures out how to turn the statue around. To those who would suggest it wasn't intentional, I return to the point that the sculture has a rip in the seat of her jeans. It's a bonus, right?

Marvel should hire people to be a little more accurate with their 3d art. Take notes from the Women of DC busts that Hughes designed. Sure they're sexy, but in a good way - if that's possible. What I mean by that is that they retain the "good girl pinup" feel that Hughe's art tends to be known and admired for.

At least that's the unedited opinion of a male artist that feels he knows what he knows fairly well.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Location, Location, Location

So it has been several days since I have stuck the map up in my title, and I have to admit a little curiosity as to some of the points left on it. India is a pleasent surprise, but the real craziness comes from the points in the middle of the ocean...

World domination is one thing, but conquering the open ocean might be a little more difficult. There's a certain telepathic blond guy who doesn't like me so much. Thank goodness he's preoccupied with things he considers more important.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dark Knight vs Joker, thoughts

So most people know about the 'I believe in Harvey Dent, Too' site. Well the Joker is just about totally revealed now and I can only think one thing.

Why do they feel a need to have the Joker's smile a cut lip smile? I know the Joker was originally inspired by 'The Man Who Laughs' but Joker in the comics has never had a cut grin to the best of my knowledge. If anything, give him a prosthetic chin enhancement. He has a big chin, not a big mouth. The mouth only looks big because he is always smiling/laughing.

Still, as much as I can complain about this bit of visual disgust over artistic liberties, I still have to remember how well Batman Begins was pulled off. The same crew is working on this movie. Here's to having a little hope placed in Nolan to know what he's doing.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

On 52

So 52 ended last week, wierd how things work out.
Everyone knows that 52 ended on May 2nd, 5/2 for that matter.

Yesterday I read that Lost will end in 2009.
In it's 5th season, likely ending with a two-parter.
There are now 52 episodes left.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3

Firstly, I'll say that while I didn't think it was bad enough to want my money back, I will say it is likely the weakest of the three.

I won't spoil the movie, but know that about halway through it drops any character motivation/development to go full force into action. The action was good, but it did actually take away from the plot.

Venom? Looks good, but under developed. Should have probably been in a movie by himself, though the dynamic with Sandman did mesh well as presented.

Finally, the one thing that really took me out of the movie? Peter Parker spontaniously dancing everywhere while wearing the black suit. Too strange for my tastes...

I'd give it a solid C+

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Not so Green

This current arch of Green Lantern has yet to really pull me in like previous stories have. It may still be a bit early in this arch, but after two installments you would think it would at least have a thread to pull you into the story. I have my theories, of course, as to why I'm not enjoying this as much as I probably should.

1) The art.
Being an artist I think I can hold this reason as important. Sure there are artists out there that use one face or one body, changing clothes and hair to make a new person. Afterall, the Earths based Green Lanterns themselves have different masks - Zorro style (hal), ink blot style (kyle), red head (guy), and African American (john). Yes, I know it's not nice to break them down like that, but it appears true to form. There is a lot more diversity in the Corps, but this isn't the Corps title. This is Hal's title, and aside from hair color you wouldn't be able to tell either girl apart.

The other thing I'm not enjoying a whole lot about the art is the painted aspect. Now, I can't be overly harsh since I did like some of the scenes in the previous issue (like inside the jet with the switched land and sky background). This issue, however, didn't have the same feel.

2) I don't care about Star Sapphire.
I've never had any interest in her as a character/villain. This is probably partly due to not knowing the character that well, but after learning the origin of the entity I still don't care much about her. I think this is because she appears one-dimensional. She'll do anything to mate with Hal Jordan. I know plenty of fan girls lust over Hal's rear, but come on. She doesn't need a quick fix by throwing a touch of trajedy or angst, but I think for me to have any interest there needs to be something for me to grasp onto.

Also, and this relates to the art portion of my dislikes, is the fact that the other blue people who appear to be related to the Guardians are far larger than the Guardians. These Oan Amazons, as aluded to in the issue, just don't fit visually. This also leads me to my next reason.

3) Oan Amazons?
Seriously, this is a tie-in to the Amazon Attacks mini if I have ever seen one - and I see a lot that doesn't connect. This likely won't tie in directly, mind you, but isn't it a little obviously timed well with its referencing? Also, isn't the build up very similar in concept? Even the clothing is similar.

On one hand you could probably argue that ideas get repeated through time, or have a tendency to ripple into repitition. It's an easy explination, but it still leaves a bit of creativity to wish for.

In the end, however, I'm still going to finish reading this arch. Geoff Johns is a bit of a trade writer, so you can predict that twists will occur in another issue or two. Maybe then I'll find a chunk of the excitement in this story that I had in the previous arches. Even if I don't I still have the Sinestro Corps to look forward to after this bit.

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